Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back to School

We had the opportunity to take a week of vacation last week and go to Disney World.  It was a great week, and we talked a lot about the adoption and how our lives will change when the Lord adds a new member to our family.  We returned home and jumped back into our daily routines.  Each of us had the pile of things that had to be made up from the week of vacation - you know how that goes!  We also returned home to a packet of information about classes that we needed to take for adoption.  We have completed two of the required five classes and have found the training to be very informative.  There are so many things that we did not think about with adoption.  We knew that there would be many issues, joys and struggles along the way, but these courses have been good to help us clarify what some specific areas will be.  We look forward to working through the other courses so that we are more prepared for the adoption.  In one sense, it feels like we're back in school, but this is an education that the Lord will continue to give throughout the rest of our lives.  I guess we graduate when we enter into His that's a graduation ceremony!

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