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(A Journey of Love)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dossier On the Way

The psychologist completed the evaluation, and has passed it on to Living Hope Adoption Agency.  They have the rest of our dossier, and so now the finalization process begins, and the paperwork begins its journey to Honduras.  The psychologist sent us a copy of the evaluation, which was interesting to read through.  As I thought would be the case, Alicia passed with flying colors.  I passed, but as politely as could be the doctor implied that I am just not "normal".  I could have told him that without spending $1400, and filling out a bunch of questionnaires.  I do find it interesting that the opinion of a psychologist that interacted with us for 3 1/2 hours and studied our responses to a series of questionnaires is given more weight by governing bodies than the references of people that have known us for over 15 years.

Tomorrow is the Both Hands Project at Sandie Gehman's home.  We are looking forward to jumping in and getting a lot of little jobs done around her home.  We have been greatly humbled by the generosity of our friends that are giving up their Saturday to help us as we serve a friend of ours.  We have also been blown away by the generosity of friends, family and those who are sponsoring members of our team.  Our goal for the Both Hands project was to raise $10,000 to cover some of the expenses for our adoption.  We called Lifesong for Orphans and found out that the total amount donated so far to the Both Hands Project is $6823.89.  It would be great to go well beyond our goal so that more expenses can be covered than we had planned for this project to cover.  It has been amazing to see the way that God has provided for us so far.

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