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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newest Info

Well, the other day I got an email from our social worker that I saw as I had called her about our I-600A approval.  As we were talking she said "yes, i sent an email, please don't shoot the messenger".  That got me worried.  As I got off the phone I opened the email to find we have two more hurdles to overcome.  More pictures of the  house (you might be thinking, "no big deal"- we probably have about 30 pictures we are sending) and now we have to get psychological evaluations done for both Andy & I.  We have to now wait to send our dossier to Living Hope until we have that completed-this all being said that we should receive our letter from USCIS this next week and we would have been able to send our dossier at that time.

If that was not discouraging enough, i called an agency that we referred to us...about $1600 later we will have what we need.  They are however being very accommodating to the point that we have our appointment this next Wednesday which is amazing in my opinion since I know it can be difficult to get in to see a psychologist quickly.  I had to step back last night and remind myself that if this had been on the print-out originally for what we had to do we probably would not have even questioned it.  Not that we really questioned it, just were a bit discouraged. 

All this being said, please be praying for the appointment to go well, and that the estimated time that we were told it would take on the Psychologist's end would go quicker so it might not cost so much.  I trust that God will truly provide all that we need to make this happen and are firmly believing that God just wants to fully show us that this is only happening because of Him, not by anything that we could ever do on our own!

Please also be in prayer for our little one still waiting in Honduras.  Pray that she is getting the care that she needs, that she is getting attention and that she is receiving love from her caregivers.  Pray also that the Lord is at work in her heart to prepare her to join into our family!  Looking forward to the day that I can hold her in my arms and welcome her home!

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