Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In the Mail

We got our home study paperwork today in the mail and off I ran to the bank to get the check for Immigration approval.  They should be receiving the paperwork tomorrow around noon and then the next phase of waiting begins.  Living Hope says to be prepared to wait 2 months for the approval.

Ariana was working on a persuasive essay and brochure for Language Arts this past week.  Of course it was on adoption.  It is so amazing to see how God has placed this on her heart.  We became part of the brochure and one of her questions she asked me  was "What is the most difficult thing so far about the adoption?"  Hands down without any hesitation, THE WAITING!  Everything else has just seemed so easy.  It continues to amaze me how we can have such love for this little girl who we know nothing about.  We don't know what she will look like..though I have imagined, what her personality will be like, how old she will be and yet this burning need to go get her.  Such a simplified version of God's love for us!  Wow, it just blows me away that God could love me that much and so much more.

Please continue to be praying for us in this process, that we would continue to be at peace through this time of waiting.  God is in control!

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