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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Quick Update

We had a great week last week.  We had both our office visit and home visit for the home study.  Once the home study is finalized (hopefully with the next two weeks), we will send off our paperwork to US Immigrations.  Aimee, our representative with Living Hope said that we should expect that approval to take about 2 months.  We are in another waiting period...I think we'll be doing a lot of waiting now.

We had a great afternoon on Saturday for the Thirty-One Open House.  We want to thank Nate & Abbey Orlowski for opening up their store for us.  Clemmer Music store was a great location.  Alicia had her quilts on display and Beth Kauffman had the Thirty-One products on display as well.  I was surrounded by fabrics of many kinds.  Not the world I am used to, but all of the women that came out seemed to enjoy looking at everything.  We had many family and friends come out to show support and check everything out.  It was a lot of fun - shopping (I am told this is fun), great conversation and of course, there were the cookies (I know these are fun).
Alicia and Beth in front of the Thirty-One display

Last week was also the beginning of the process of identifying possible grants and other options for funding the adoption.  We spent a few hours wading through many web sites related to adoption funding.  We found a few grants that we are considering applying for.  Once the home study is completed then we will be able to submit our applications for any grants.  One grant has a really neat opportunity for raising funds.  We would enlist friends to help us work on a widow's home, and at the same time raise sponsors to help fund the adoption.  We'll let you know more about this opportunity as it comes to be a reality.  We did set a date for our Yard Sale - May 14.  If you have anything you would like to donate, let us know.

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