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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why Honduras?

On Thursday, Feb. 3, we submitted our application for adoption with Living Hope Adoption Agency to adopt a child from Honduras.  Why Honduras?

As we began our discussion about where to go to adopt a child, our first issue to discuss was do we adopt from within the United States, or do we adopt internationally.  There is a need for adoption both domestically and internationally, so this was a difficult decision.  After a lot of discussion and prayer, our hearts were drawn to the plight of orphans in impoverished countries. 

We began researching countries in the Latin American region and Honduras was just screaming out to us.  There is an estimated number of 180,000 orphans in this country of approximately 7 million people.  Children having to work in the dumps to try to earn $1 a day as young as 4-5 years old.  These facts just tore at our hearts. 

Honduras is a Latin American country located in Central America.  The Capital city is Tegucigalpa.  Honduras has just been devastated by hurricanes, HIV, and political turmoil.  With a GDP of $920 in 2000, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere.  The UN reports that 49% of Hondurans lives in extreme poverty.

With so many countries around the globe closing their doors to international adoption, Honduras just recently opened their doors.  As we contacted Living Hope Adoption Agency they told us that Honduras is a relatively new program for them.  Their founder has communications with Honduran leaders who have assured them that they have children ready!  At this point families desiring to adopt are only in the process of preparing to be matched with a child and been given their travel approval.  This is where faith really comes in!

We are confident in the fact that God would not be placing this desire in our hearts without a reason.  We are now trusting in him to show us if this is the correct place.  We fully trust that God will clear the path for us to continue on this Journey if this is the direction for us to go and yet confident in Him that if the door closes He will comfort us and continue to direct our path.

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