Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Delay

The time of waiting for our call to return for our second trip has been one frustration after another.  We have grown a bit wary of being told what the next step is, since each "next step" there is the expectation that once that is done, we would be traveling.  The first time we expected to travel was in September, only to find that there was another step.  This step was reached in early October, and then we learned of another step.  This next step was a meeting, and this meeting was originally scheduled for late October.  The date of the meeting came and went with no news.  We recently learned that that meeting never took place and has now been rescheduled for November 23.  We continue to wait, and we trust in the Lord's perfect timing.  We know that a few years from now, these delays will not bear the same weight, but right now, each delay is difficult to bear.  We are so thankful for many friends and family that have been so supportive along this long journey.

On the positive side, with the delays, Alicia was able to complete both of the 100 wishes quilts.  These are a wonderful testimony to the great support that we have received and will receive as we adopt Ashton and Alia.