Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still Waiting

Well, It has been almost a month since we last updated our blog. Things have been happening just not what we were hoping for. We had to get more paperwork finalized, which meant waiting on people to complete their part and then taking the documents out to Harrisburg (we are getting quite used to this trip-and I am sure we are not done with that drive yet). We also had to pull together pictures of our extended family and label these which Ariana went and labeled all of them for me. That was a big help. We had to get our fingerprints redone and of course we received our paperwork with our scheduled appointment which of course was for while we were on vacation. We were able to do a walk in appointment and they accepted us. It seems like we just made it because we heard from others trying to do the same thing a few days later that they were turned away. Another year of Swim team finished for the summer so the projects began. The major project was to update the playhouse so that it would be ready for our little one. We finally finished today. I will try to get pictures up by tomorrow, and other projects are beginning or completing as well, including a quilt that I will be sending for a fundraiser for Honduras to missionaries that will be raising money through an auction. We enjoyed a wonderful vacation at the Jersey shore again this year and now we are preparing for our eldest to begin the journey of being a high school-er!!! How time flies. We have now been on the adoption journey for...look to the right...drum roll....over 1 1/2 years with up to possibly another 1 1/2 years. We are now also finding ourselves preparing to update our home study and request for an extension from USCIS and re-working the budget to be prepared to stay for 4-6 weeks for our second trip. Rumors have come that the committee met in the beginning of August but with all of the paperwork that we had to send , that may be what is holding up hearing our new number. We have had the blessing of hearing of some getting new numbers :) We are so thankful for that. I have also been blessed by following the journeys of others that are working their way to completion of their adoptions. What a blessing this is at the same time it just makes my heart ache for news of our little one. I know our time will come and until this time we continue to pray that God would be bringing people into her life to care for her until we can!