Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Friday, July 15, 2011

On To Harrisburg

We found out that there was a bit of a delay as our Psychological Evaluation was completed and reviewed by the government officials in Honduras.  As one of the first few families in this new process with Honduras, we know that we need to be flexible, but at times it gets a bit frustrating when our plans change.  We continue to pray that we would patiently wait upon the Lord and trust His timing.  Since our Psych eval. was the first one completed, we became the test case for the process.  There were some aspects of the evaluation that needed to be adjusted, and our agency worked with our psychiatrist to make the necessary changes.  Honduras approved our evaluations, and now our agency has an outline for what they are specifically looking for in Honduras.  With the approval from Honduras regarding our psych evaluation, our dossier was finalized by our agency and today it made the journey by courier (now, I need a linguist to answer why dossier is pronounced dos-ee-ey and courier is pronounced kur-ee-er.  Why isn't courier pronounced kur-ee-ey?  Next time you see a courier call him a kur-ee-ey and see how he responds..)  Anyway, our dos-ee-ey went by kur-ee-ey to Harrisburg today.  It should spend about a week in Harrisburg, then to New York, then to Honduras.  It has about a two week road trip before going international.  We are excited that things continue to move along.  thank you for your prayers!

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