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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time Stood Still

Have you ever been so engrossed in some task that it seemed that time stood still?  I returned to the office this afternoon and began studying the Scriptures.  I read through the end of the book of James a few times, and began to put together the outline of sermons for the remainder of this sermon series that I am preaching through.  I received word that a woman who had been part of our church died suddenly today.  Her sister and her mother are still members of our church, so part of my day was spent talking and praying with the Mom.  She shared that even though her children are grown and their children are grown, it is still difficult when your daughter dies...yet, she said with daughter had recognized that she was a sinner and needed the forgiveness that only Jesus gives.  She said to me a few times, "She was ready, and that is the important thing to remember, she was ready!"  We prayed together and I left that conversation more encouraged then when I began.  I returned to my study in the book of James.  My study was good, and it felt like time was standing still.

After a while, I realized that part of the reason that time felt like it was standing still was because my watch had stopped around 1pm.  So literally, every time I looked at my watch, time was standing still. 

Just a quick update on the adoption...we received an update on the donations made to the Both Hands project, and the total amount given so far is $7709.54.  We are truly humbled by the generosity of our team, and everyone that has given financially.  THANK YOU!

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