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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time to do the paperwork!

Earlier this week, Alicia and I completed the required courses prepared by adoption learning partners (  We found these courses to be very profitable and eye opening.  There was so much that we covered, so we will probably return to these courses later to check out the resources and recommendations made in the course.  After completing the courses, we submitted all of the certifications to our agency, and moved to the next step of the process.  Yesterday, we received our packet with the information and checklist of paperwork to be completed in building our dossier (by the way for those of you like me that might have pronounce this word as "do-shur" or "do-si-ER", I have learned that they proper pronunciation is "dah-see-AY".  Why the the ending of "ier" gives a long "A" sound baffles me.  Perhaps this should be saved for another blog titled, "Blame the French" or something like that.)  Anyway, getting back from that tangent.  We received our packet with excitement, then began the process.  At the beginning of our packet, they inform you of various emotions that people experience at different stages of the process.  This stage is fear and exhaustion.  I have the picture in my mind of the guy from the old Dunkin Donuts commercial as he gets up extremely early and practically sleep walks out the door going to the bakery to make the doughnuts.  The whole time, he keeps saying, "time to make the doughnuts".  For us, it  is time to do the paperwork.  We have letters to write or have written for us, finances to prove, medical exams and so much more.  Time to do the paperwork.  The great part of this was having to call my mom to figure out everyone that lived with me since 1975, and every address that I lived at during that time.  We ended up having a great conversation and catching up on so many things.  Anyway, gotta go..."time to do the paperwork!"

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