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(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why is the process so slow?

"Why is the process so slow?" Every now and then someone asks me this question...Sometimes, I ask myself this question.  A recent blog post by another family on this journey of adoption in Honduras answered this question well, and was an encouragement to me as I read it.  Here is the link to their blog -

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Well, as we wait our hearts have changed.  Not on where we adopt but how many.  We are now in the process of trying to adopt 2, yes you read correctly 2 little girls from Honduras.  We figured we have enough love to go around!  So we asked our agency to pull together an addendum to send to USCIS to request their approval.  Here is the new pile we sent off.
This is a much smaller pile of papers than the original packet but just as important.  We are trying to be patient waiting to hear that we have been approved from Immigration.

As we wait.....more good news today.  We have been slowly hearing of people receiving new numbers.  It has been like a slow drip.  One or two people hearing one day then another two another day then the weekend was quiet but we hoped and prayed ours would come this week.  I know you are just waiting, just tell us already.  I just wanted to give you a tiny glimps of what our wait has been like.  With out further wait...
We have no idea how long our wait will continue to be, and yet we trust in God's perfect timing.  As hard as that seems to be some days!  I truly believe that as I typed it and yet some days I have to cling to that hope.  Is our wait as simple as God working on our heart to be willing to bring 2 more daughters into our home or is it that He simply wants us to WAIT in His arms!?!  I hope and pray that one day I can look back and see the road map that we have been traveling and see the Rest Stops along the way with God's footprints and see.  Will we bring 2 daughters home?  Will they be the same age?  Will they be siblings?  Will they be each others best friends?  .....Will we still only bring 1 daughter home.  What a journey of faith you are taking us on, and God, you are amazing!  

Thank you all for your prayers.  Please also pray for the families that we know that have traveled to meet their children as they now have to wait to be able to go back to bring them home.  My heart aches for them as they wait, especially for the children as they wait!