Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Continuing to wait upon the Lord

Well, the month of January is coming to a close quickly and our 2 year mark of beginning the process is creeping up close!  We know of no progress that has been made on the adoption front  and yet pray that much has been going on.  Since IHNFA went back to work another group went on strike.  The people that take care of the birth certificates.   This had been a frustrating thim for a fellow adopting family who are down in Honduras now and were having to wait to get their birth certificate for their son ( it should be arriving to the town they are in today).  This is yet another reminder that we have to continue to rest in God's peace through this journey.  What will our trips look like...after reading about fellow adopting families from Honduras we really have NO idea.  You may have hear that  you should not pray for patience (which I had been praying & will continue to do) because you will receive the opportunity to practice this patience.  Well, let me tell you that this is definitely something that we are experiencing so now I am also praying for God's peace through this journey and I am truly seeing God's peace.  Don't get me wrong in this, I am still having times of questioning and yet I know God led us on this journey for a reason, if not for anything else but to Glorify Him!  That is my desire. 

What will February look like for us? 
  • Hopefully the assignment committee will meet at-least one time, possibly two.  
  • Hopefully we will hear of our new number from the families that were matched back in December (we have been hearing that there were at least 3, so that means that we could hear that we are at 57 at least).  
  • Hopefully many children have gone through the abandonment process in Honduras so that they will be ready to be matched with families (this is quite  a lengthy process from what it seems).  
  • Hopefully there will be no strikes for quite some time.
  • Hopefully Families that we know are in Honduras finalizing their adoptions & returning home
We do have much hope for this process.  Please pray for peace for our family as we wait upon the Lord for His timing.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Strike is Over

Well, we found out that the strike is over and things are moving forward.  There are 2 families that will be traveling this week to finalize their adoptions in Honduras !!!  So happy for them.  We also found out that there will not be an assignment meeting during this month.  Not really a surprise since we were figuring that they would be on holiday for the entire month.  We are praying in earnest that once February comes there will be many children that are ready to be matched with families.

We have been working through the book of Hebrews in church.  Chapter 11 is where we were this week.  Verse 3 says "By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible."  I have faith that God is at work in the country of Honduras and that he is doing what needs to be done to prepare our daughter to become a part of our family.  It may happen this year and yet it may not be for another 2 years. We took the big step of faith back in Feb 2011.  Knowing that God would be going before us.  No matter how long it takes, we will do what we can humanly do to bring our daughter into our family!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creeping up on another year

Well, if you look at our lilypie counter at the right you will notice that we are creeping up at 2 years since beginning our process.  Supposedly the committee did meet in December and assigned children  to families.  We are now waiting to hear if those families accepted their referrals.  Will they meet again this month?  Nobody seems to know the answer to that question.  How many children were referred?  We really don't know the number of that either, there have been different numbers we have heard.

 The news we did hear yesterday was though is that IHNFA is again on strike.  This seems par for the course as someone else mentioned yesterday ....."This is par for the course in Honduras. The teachers strike until they pay them. So they stop paying the judges so they can pay the teachers. A few months go by and the judges strike until they pay them. So they stop paying the social workers so they can pay the judges. The social workers strike until they pay them. So they stop paying the garbage haulers so they can pay the social workers. The garbage haulers burn half the city down and remind everyone that they don't want the garbage haulers to they pay them...".  We have seen this numerous times since our dossier went to Honduras in August 2011.  I had a good friend ask me the other week "Do you ever want to give up?"  The answer I quickly gave was "No Way!!! even though thoughts of doubt creep in will it ever happen".  As painful as it seems when these strikes happen (it may be a few days and it may be much longer-we have no idea) & the wait continues,  It makes me cling to God even more in prayer and cry out to get things moving and find these children families!!!

Why is it taking so long....why don't we have our daughter home...why don't we know who she is...why is it taking so long will we have to wait...will Honduras close...will we ever bring her home???  These are some of our  many thoughts and yet our new years resolution is to cry out to God to move mountains, squelch Satan in his attempts to keep things from moving and be praying fervently to move things in His time.  Please join us in prayer.  Please pray for those families that were in the process with adopting from Russia that has been closed.  Our hearts just break for those families!!  We know He can do Great & Mighty things!!!  Looking to seeing how God is going to be at work in our lives.