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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Continuing to wait upon the Lord

Well, the month of January is coming to a close quickly and our 2 year mark of beginning the process is creeping up close!  We know of no progress that has been made on the adoption front  and yet pray that much has been going on.  Since IHNFA went back to work another group went on strike.  The people that take care of the birth certificates.   This had been a frustrating thim for a fellow adopting family who are down in Honduras now and were having to wait to get their birth certificate for their son ( it should be arriving to the town they are in today).  This is yet another reminder that we have to continue to rest in God's peace through this journey.  What will our trips look like...after reading about fellow adopting families from Honduras we really have NO idea.  You may have hear that  you should not pray for patience (which I had been praying & will continue to do) because you will receive the opportunity to practice this patience.  Well, let me tell you that this is definitely something that we are experiencing so now I am also praying for God's peace through this journey and I am truly seeing God's peace.  Don't get me wrong in this, I am still having times of questioning and yet I know God led us on this journey for a reason, if not for anything else but to Glorify Him!  That is my desire. 

What will February look like for us? 
  • Hopefully the assignment committee will meet at-least one time, possibly two.  
  • Hopefully we will hear of our new number from the families that were matched back in December (we have been hearing that there were at least 3, so that means that we could hear that we are at 57 at least).  
  • Hopefully many children have gone through the abandonment process in Honduras so that they will be ready to be matched with families (this is quite  a lengthy process from what it seems).  
  • Hopefully there will be no strikes for quite some time.
  • Hopefully Families that we know are in Honduras finalizing their adoptions & returning home
We do have much hope for this process.  Please pray for peace for our family as we wait upon the Lord for His timing.

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  1. Praying for you and for your journey to little "A"!!! We will be praying for wisdom and strength to walk the path before you! {{{HUGS}}}

    Diane and the tribe