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Monday, April 18, 2011

Yard Sale - May 14

We have mentioned in earlier blog posts that we are planning to have a yard sale on Saturday, May 14th.  We will hold the yard sale at our home in Harleysville, and all the money that is raised will go towards the adoption.  A friend of ours told us that she does a yard sale every year to raise money for a specific cause.  She does not price anything, but allows the buyer to set the price.  She said that most people give a fair price.  How can you help?

  • If you items in your home that you are willing to donate for the yard sale, that would be great.  You can bring them on the 14th or let us know and we'll figure out the details to pick them up.  Also, let us know what you want us to do with those items if they do not sell.  We have already had a number of people share that they are bringing some items for the sale - Thank You!
  • If you are available of May 14 to come and help with the sale or just hang out, we would love your company.
  • Let your friends know about the yard sale.
  • Pray that this will be a great way for us to raise funds for the adoption and to share about how the Lord led us to adopt.

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