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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Both Hands - A Great Day!

At 8am this morning, 23 people descended upon Sandie's home to do an assortment of jobs.  We cleaned out gutters, painted her office, did a ton of painting outside, gardening, put wainscoting in a bathroom, hung a ceiling fan and installed a light in the bathroom.  It was a very tiring day, and it is amazing how much we were able to accomplish in one day.  Alicia and I are so thankful to our team of volunteers for giving their day.  I don't have much to say about the day, other than it was amazing opportunity to work together to accomplish a lot of work.  Alicia and I also want to thank David Peters, who brought his video equipment to capture the day in video.  He spent the day behind the camera and will be putting together a brief video with highlights from the day.  We will post the video in a few days.  Check out a few pictures from the day.

All of the team members signed a shirt for our daughter.

Check out or letter, or donate at our Both Hands page!

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