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(A Journey of Love)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Moving Again!

We have received our last Waitlist number in November of last year with the knowledge that it would be a while until we would receive a new number.  There was a transition taking place in Honduras as a new organization was being established to oversee adoptions.  We had heard that the new organization was in place and the committee met in mid-March.  Rumors began to circulate about the number of referrals given out, and we were hopeful of moving down to around number 15, but yesterday, we received the official word that we have moved one position to number 19.  Although a little disappointed, this does show us that the process is moving once again, and for that we rejoice.  Thank you for your continued prayer for us in this process.

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  1. Dear Alicia and Andy, so glad that the adoption process is moving forward again. I hope that you are introduced soon to your new child. Thinking of you in Tokyo, Love Nancy