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(A Journey of Love)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Home for the Holiday...Still

When we were in Honduras back in July, we were told that things were moving along and they thought we would be home for Christmas with Ashton and Alia.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions as we learn of one accomplishment followed by a delay, followed by a step in the process we didn't know about.  We received word last evening that the Honduran court completed a necessary step for us before we travel to complete the adoption, and it went to the clerk's office, and at the end of the day...there it remained.  The courts are now on break for the Christmas holiday until early January, so the saga will continue after the holiday break.  We now hope to travel in early to mid-January.  It is hard to be away from the children again this Christmas, especially having spent time with them this summer and having our expectations raised so high that the process would be done by now.  We believe that God is sovereign over all things, and He is in control even when life seems completely out of control.  We may never understand why there have been delays, hurdles, disappointments and challenges, but in the midst of the pain, we trust that the Lord is in control, and He is holding on to us, even our strength is weak.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

On another note, thank you to so many who donated fabric for the 100 wishes quilt.  Alicia has completed the quilts for the children (one of the hidden blessings of this delay), and they rest on each of their beds waiting for them.  Here are pictures of the quilts.

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