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(A Journey of Love)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Phone Call

It has been over six months since we traveled to Honduras to meet the children.  We have been sending letters down to the children through Maria, who is the woman who runs the home where the children live.  Maria has sent us pictures from time to time.  We have held off on trying to call the children, since we were not sure how long it would be until we returned.  Maria mentioned the possibility of having a video chat with the children through Facebook, and since we know that we  are most likely only a week or two until we travel, we decided it would be good to see them.  So this morning, we were able to talk with the children again.
With phone in one hand, and google translate on the computer, we had the chance to talk with Ashton, Alia, Maria and her husband, Roger.  Ashton was very emotional, and was unable to talk with us beyond a quick 'hola'.  Alia loved having the phone and was very talkative.  We showed her the snow outside and she said she loves the snow.  I guess that is easy for a child to say when she sees it on a phone while she is standing outside in 86 degree sunny weather.  The children enjoyed being able to say hello to Alexa, and asked where Ariana was.  It was great to see them and talk with them, although it was brief.  It was awesome to see them and tell them that we love them very much, and at one point, Alia said "I love you!" in English.  I asked if she was learning English and Maria said 'a little', so I said I am learning 'a little Spanish', so we'll meet in the middle for a while and speak in Crossgrove Spanglish. 

Update on the Process:  Our lawyer has gone to DINAF a few times this past week, but no progress has been made on approving the escritura.  We just received an email that they told her to come back on Monday, so hopefully we will hear something this week. 

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