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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy News

Your shipment has been delivered.

This  is what was in my inbox from FedEx last night.  It arrived yesterday afternoon to our Lawyer. Mind you this was 2 days before the estimated time of delivery!  I was rejoicing.   Then I talked to our agency & we found out that there had been a strike but it is not the kind that directly affects us, just the workers...doesn't this affect us as well in an indirect way!?!  So it doesn't hold up our paperwork yet it affects the lives of the children in Honduras-potentially our daughter.  

Again it causes me to step back and pray for these little ones (and not so little ones).  That God would soften the hearts of these workers that care for these children.  That they would see the needs and do their best to meet these needs.

What comes next you may ask?  Our paperwork needs to be translated into Spanish (this may take a day or weeks), we have no idea how long this may take.  For our entire dossier this did take weeks (but it was over 100 pages).  We only have 3 letters of references and our medical results (does this need to be  translated, not sure).  Then we wait to see if they have all we need.  Our hope is that we will find out that we have then been put on the wait list.  Hoping for a low number but fully expecting it to be in the 60 range.  Please be in prayer with us that we will find out soon and yet continue to rest in God's perfect timing.  We now also need to be looking at what needs to be done with USCIS for an extension and probably new fingerprinting but that we can wait on for a little while.

What can you do.  We have found out about some new information about the adoption tax credit.

In 2013 the tax credit will be a maximum  of $6,000 for parents adopting children with special needs. There  will be no adoption tax credit available for all other adoptive parents beginning in tax year 2013.

Would you consider following this link to sign the petition:

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