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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dump Day 2012

As you all know that have been following this blog or know us.  God has truly placed the country of Honduras on our hearts.  As we took the steps of adopting from Honduras, we knew of some of the great needs through this beautiful country and yet didn't really know the depths.  I  believe that even going there we will  never ever really know the depths of the needs.
Alexa said this morning (She had to finish reading her book for school so was up quite late-which is quite a feat for her, not the staying up late :) but the reading for a long time).  Her words  "last night as I was reading my stomach was really hungry but I figured it was too late to come down for a snack."  Not really what you might say a weird comment because how many of us will stay up late and be "hungry" (but not really) and think well I could just go downstairs and get a snack.  We have NO IDEA what true hunger really is.  This really hit me this morning as I think upon Dump Day tomorrow.  You may ask, what is Dump day?  There is this ministry in Honduras that goes to the Dump (outside of Tegucigalpa) every Wednesday to provide meals to the people there, but things don't just stop there.  You have to check it out. What a ministry that there is there.  There was also another blog that shared about this 2 year old little boy that lives at the Dump with his mom and he had parasites but they had not been able to take him to the doctor.  Through this ministry they were able to take him to the doctor and get him the medicine that was needed. This ministry helped to save this little boy from dying.  If you go to this blog you can check out Trey's Honduras blog entries and be prepared to have your eyes opened.  The fields are ripe for harvest!

Do you not say, 'There are yet four months, then comes the harvest?
Look, i tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.
John 4:35

Not only do they feed these people with food every Wednesday they feed them with spiritual nourishment. You will find information there as to how you can help.  You can also join me tomorrow in fasting during breakfast and lunch to pray for these people of Honduras. 

On the adoption front we still haven't received news that we have been approved.  Just praying that it is that we just haven't heard and we already have a number.  We continue to pray for our little one that she is cared for and that there is just something special that draws the attention of one special person that can love on her for us for the mean time until we can hold her in our arms.  Yes, my arms are starting to truly ache for her!!

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