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(A Journey of Love)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yard Sale This Weekend & prayers

Well, we are preparing for our second adoption yard sale.  This time around the money we raise will be given to another family who is in the process of adopting as well.  We have been so blessed by others generosity in our journey that we are so excited to be able to help out friends that are also on this same journey. So if you are in the area this Saturday and want to stop in and check out we will have our yard sale from 8-1pm.  Great things will be here.  Furniture, electronics, cross stitch frames children's items, household items & baked goods.  The list goes on.

As we are preparing for this day I also want to ask people to be praying specifically on this Saturday with this possible opportunity that we have about sharing about our journey and maybe a seed can be planted.  I recently heard the new Casting Crowns song "So Far to Find You"  what an awesome song in tying together adopting and the picture we see in the Bible of God reaching down and adopting us as His sons and daughters.

What an amazing song!

Have a wonderful day!

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