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Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Week gone by

Well, it is another Friday.  Another week of silence has gone by.  Will we get an update?  We hope there is some good news.  The founder of our agency returned from Honduras at the beginning of this week.  It sounded like it was a good meeting, but what does that really mean?  The committee was supposed to meet 2 weeks ago, then last week and then we have heard sometime the last week of September. 

Since then there have been some things that have made more the process make more sense.  I read a post from another adoptive mom on why the wait is so long.  A point she made was (if you have gone through the paperchase, you understand, if not it is a long time of gathering "your life" in paperform-birth cert., marriage lisence, financial documents etc).  The adoptive world says this could take you 4-6 months.  We did it in 3-4 (ok, so crazy momma set in) we were very focused on getting it together as quick as we could b/c I knew this was the only time I could control things. Now, think about all these children that in essence need to have the same paperwork pulled together for them...ok, probably not the same financial paperwork since they won't have that, but some of these children don't have even the equivalent of a birth cert or # assigned to them.  That all has to be checked into to see if there is anyone available to care for them in their home country.  Wow, alot of work for a very few number of people available to do this job.  Please join me in prayer today praying for these people, what an overwhelming task that they have!!

God has also been laying it heavy on my heart to pray for orphan children.  Andy and I have also recently seen the softening of our girls hearts to orphans.  When I say that, let me step back and say that for quite some time it has been there but through certain situations recently we have truly seen God softening their hearts even more.  So AWESOME to see God at work.  Praying for some good news soon!!!  Thanks for following our journey with us!

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