Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God Continues to Amaze me

Isn't it totally amazing to see God at work?  I knew our number had changed but really thought only 1 or 2 spaces.  We got a letter from our agency saying that our new number is.....
So excited!  This news came only hours after talking with a girlfriend where I was just sharing how there are times that it is just difficult to know what God wants us to be doing.  It seems to me that was the confirmation that we are on the right path. Even though it seems little, every step is closer to the top!  We know that God has great things planned for the little one/ones he has planned to join our crazy family!  Can't wait for that day!


  1. YAHOOOOO! Big move - so excited! Congrats to you guys :)

  2. When did you get assigned #45? Just curious cause that's our number! Hoping that means we will soon be getting a new number too!

    1. Our paperwork said it was assigned to us on 7/22, so that would make me think you should be hearing your new number soon. Hoping it's a good one!

    2. Our #45 came June we must be moving up soon!!

  3. Isn't it just like God that when we think HE is doing nothing and we feel discouraged and confused that BAM!....HE shows us that HE IS in control! Perfect "surprise" to the day! <3