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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Small but Mighty!

Small but mighty!  Yes, we did get a new number, yes it is only a little movement...1.  We do know that even in our times of frustration, God is working.  I look back over the past month and realize that if we had our daughter/daughters at home, I would not have been able to love on my niece and nephew for 2 weeks.  What a special blessing it was to gain those memories that otherwise I wouldn't have been up the challenge of our children and an additional 2 more as well as starting a new school year.  Ultimately, God has it all worked out.  We have heard rumors that I.H.N.F.A. is working on some very helpful steps that may make the abandonment process move quicker, but will that slow down how things move if many people are in Honduras finalizing?  My heart yearns for our family to be joined together and yet God has given me peace as well.   We do know that the committee did meet last Friday but we haven't heard what the outcome of this meeting was.  There was Dia de los Ninos yesterday which we decided that we would recognize the day with hopes that next year we might have an extra special reason to celebrate.

 Honduras also had  a football match against Panama (which they tied) yesterday, where things shut down after 2pm for the game. Yes, you may see any reason to celebrate they love!

While we wait to receive our referral, we will be starting with Bethany Christian Services with a program called Safe Families.  We are looking forward to seeing how we can help other families in a time of need.  If you would like to find out more about this program check out

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