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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Bit More Info

Our Adoption Agency sends out a weekly update on Honduras.  Last week, we gained some new information about what will take place when we travel on our first trip.  Our paperwork is about a week and a half to two weeks into the process of being translated.  Lord willing, the translation process will be completed by the end of this week or sometime next week, then everything gets handed over to IHNFA (The Honduran National Institute of Families and Children) for final review, approval and referral.  It is hard to believe we are this far along, and yet we know that we need to patiently wait since this process may take a few more months.  Once we receive our daughter's information and work with our agency to set up our travel, then Alicia and I will make the first trip.  We have been informed that on the first day in Honduras, we will meet with IHNFA for an interview with IHNFA staff.  We will each also need to undergo an additional psychological evaluation - here come those ink blots again (how do you say "pizza" in Spanish?).  On day 2, we will go with our agencies lawyer to Honduran Family Court to file the adoption petition.  On day 3, we will get to meet our daughter.  The remainder of our trip will be sightseeing (possibly with our daughter if the orphanage allows it) and other outings.  The paperwork completed on our first trip will take a few weeks to be processed, then we will make our second trip to bring our daughter home.

Another tid bit of information that we received is that September 10 is Dia del Nino, or Children's Day.  On this day, children receive presents and candy.  Some neighborhoods even have pinatas out for the children.  We have been celebrating Dia de la hija (Day of the daughter) for the past 11 years.  This day consists of presents and candy for one of our children.  Alexa calls it her birthday - now she has to share her special day with all of the children of Honduras. 

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