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(A Journey of Love)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Sound of Crickets

Last night, a cricket was on the porch and all you could hear was the chirping of the I opened the door to take the dog out before bed, the cricket went silent.  After I walked out into the darkness and stood there in the silence, the chirping began again, and as I allowed my ears to focus more, I could hear a concert of sound made by the fingers of God.  What a beautiful sound, too often my mind, my heart and my life are far too busy to listen to the concert.  In many ways it feels like our adoption process was chirping right along and then the door opened and everything went silent.  Friends and family have asked what the timeline is for us, and we stand there in the darkness hearing nothing, we've no answers to give.  Our paperwork continues to be in the process of being translated...silence.  I am straining to hear the concert of God in the midst of the silent night because I know there is a concert to be heard. 

In the midst of the silence, God set up a meeting for us with a guy I knew from High School, who "just happens" to also be in the process of adopting a child from Honduras.  We are looking forward to having our families get together as we travel this journey.  We rejoice with friends that just returned from China with their daughter.  We receive a letter from the little girl we support through World Vision and she writes about how much she is learning in church and school.  We watch people in our church and community take seriously the call to help their neighbor.

Can you hear it?  I am starting to hear the concert.  It is loud and it is beautiful.  Thank you, Lord!

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