Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well, It seems as if the Lord continues to desire to mold and shape my mind and heart(Restructuring) in this wonderful, trying at times,  journey.

There also seems to be some Restructuring in Honduras as well.  On reading some other blogs of families going through this journey as well I understood some of what seems to be silence.  Honduras, according to our agency, has been at a stop for a short time.  They celebrated their Independence about 2 weeks ago and then the restructuring. This restructuring is finished and now should be moving forward from here.

I was finding myself doubting a little even though I knew it was foolish doubt since I trust in God's timing (God's Restructuring-reminding me to fully give all of this over to him and not cling to any of this).  As I said to the girls-just think if it had been our control over things - we would have been down there and then we would  find ourselves stuck and just having to wait there for people to finalize our paperwork.  We continue to pray that as we feel that we are ready, that God would continue to be faithful in teaching us patience.  We pray also that God would be bringing into our daughters life people to care for her, clothes to keep her warm and health as we wait to receive word about her, not knowing even if she is born.

As Ariana even put it, remembering about a dream I had early on (about a pregnant woman struggling with the inner battle of whether to give birth to her child-2 different nights)  "Wouldn't it be cool to find out that it really was about our sister's mom and that you has been able to pray for her".  For those of you that are our "Blog stalkers" :), which we are thankful for all of you, please continue to pray that we would have patience and that we would continue to give God all the glory through all of this!  What an awesome God we serve!  and we are so thankful that He has directed us in this journey.

Please also pray for Living Hope as they Restructure a little as the person that we have been working with is going to be moving.  She has been such a wonderful help to us, and we look forward to the wonderful help that the agency will be as we continue on our journey.  We will miss you Aimee!

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