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(A Journey of Love)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Crowded Plane, Splitting Headache, and a Screaming Child

Last weekend, I had the privilege of traveling to Merida, Mexico to be part of the Ordination Recognition Service for Marcos Ramirez, the pastor of La Roca de Merida (our Bible Fellowship Church in Mexico).  We also celebrated the 18th Anniversary of the church and handled other denomination business while we were on the trip.  On Monday, our journey home began early with a drive from Merida to Cancun, followed by a flight from Cancun to Detroit, and after a brief layover, a flight from Detroit to Philadelphia.  This is where the combination of a crowded plane, a splitting headache, and a screaming child come together.  I was on the plane, the headache was mine, and the child was right behind me.  This is usually a formula that equals great frustration and a bad mood, but this time, the Lord was teaching me some lessons.  Lord willing, it will only be a few short months before we will travel to Honduras to bring our daughter home.  On that flight, I may be the one with the screaming child and maybe a headache at the same time.  This thought led me to have great empathy for the parents of this young boy.  With my head in my hands, I spent most of the flight praying for this family, and for others that I know that are struggling, I prayed for the adoption, and for fellow pilgrims on this adoption journey.  We continue to wait for further information about the adoption, yet in our waiting, we continue to pray, and thank the Lord for His grace and for His many blessings.

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