Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Final Review

Alicia grew up in Baldwinsville, NY, which is just north of Syracuse.  The trip from SE Pennsylvania to Balwinsville is about a 4 hour journey, depending on traffic, weather, and stops.  Throughout the years, we have made this trip many times, and through the years, I have found that there are certain points along the journey that have become milestones for me.  One significant point is the state fairgrounds.  As we pass that point, I know it will not be long before we pull into the drive at Alicia's parents home.  Before we were married, I made this trip alone on a few occasions, knowing that when I pulled into the drive, Alicia would be waiting for me.  Those state fairgrounds were always a welcome sight, knowing that it would not be long before I held "my girl" in my arms.

In a symbolic way, we just passed the fairgrounds in the adoption process.  Yesterday, we received word that our dossier is with IHNFA and has entered the final review and approval process.  We do not know the exact length of the journey yet before us, but we know that it should not be too much longer before we pull into the drive and hold "our girl" in our arms.

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