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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The next wait

Well, It if you notice on our cute caterpillar on the side that it has been 9 months since we started the process (when I dropped our application off at Living Hope).  In a "normal pregnancy" this would be "D" day.  It looks like our "D" day is still a ways off.

Yesterday we received an email saying that October 17 (which was the same day our dossier was dropped off for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to get the authentication done) we entered into IHNFA for our approval from Honduras but not only that we also now know that it should take between 1-2 months until we know if we need to do anything more or if we are approved.  In receiving the news later we are now 2 weeks into that countdown. 

Within the next half hour I saw an email come through from a discussion board that IHNFA is on work stoppage Nation wide -what does this mean...I have no idea if this will affect us.  A feeling of satan attacking me at that moment!  I immediately took time to pray that God would give me peace and I would continue to trust Him in all of this-Total peace! 

A short time then later, another group of emails and posts from others on this journey that have dossiers at IHNFA (with other agencies) are now being required to have their children in their home get blood tests done and others are needing to get further psychological testing done.  Will this affect idea, and yet again felt satan attacking me by causing me to get discouraged and doubt a bit.  Again I prayed for peace and the desire to continue to give it all over to Him.  Again... total peace.  I trust that God has His hands totally in this journey and that He will continue to carry us through and that He is caring for our little one until we can.  His love is so much greater that what we will be able to do for her or our children at home now.  What a lesson to learn.  I am in awe at how my relationship with my Lord and Savior has grown through this journey.

An though our desire was to have our little one home by Christmas, I totally trust and believe that God has a bigger plan for all of us through this.  I thank Him for giving this opportunity for our family and using it to grow us closer to Him.

This is also National Adoption month.  What a joy to be able to celebrate personally this month. Those of you who are watchin this journey with us we covet your prayers.  Please continue to be praying for our little one-we love you sweetie and we can't wait to be able to see your picture and then hold you in our arms!  Please pray that our daughter is being shown love, being kept warm and getting the food that she needs.  Pray also for the men and women that it is their job to work through the mountain of paperwork that is coming across their desks to approve.  Pray also for those workers that are caring for the many orphans of Honduras where there is so little as for the many orphans around the world.  Our prayer for all of you is that God would be using our journey to touch your heart.  We understand that not all are called to adopt, but through our journey, you would understand how God has used you through your support and encouragement for our family.  Reaching orphans is more that adopting but becoming aware of the need  and praying for these children, financially supporting orphans through many different ways and encouraging those that God has placed it on their hearts to adopt.  Thank you all for your faithfulness.

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