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(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Paperwork

Well, we have heard from our agency and there are a few items that we need to take care of before our dossier will be approved.  There is one document that our agency is taking care of for all nine families that they represent in the process.  Each family needs to have their character references rewritten in letter form, notarized and apostilled by the state of PA.  The third item we need to take care of is related to our medical forms, but we are still trying to get clarification on what is actually needed on this one.  All of this to say, things are moving forward.  Our hope is to have all of this paperwork completed by the end of next week, so that we will be on our way to final approval, and moving toward receiving our referral for a child.  Thank you for your prayers!

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  1. 2Thessalonians3:13 "Do not tire of doing what is right". One foot in front of the other, Alicia...we will never reach the mountain top without first passing through the valley!