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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sooner rather than Later???

We began this journey of adoption on February 3, 2011, and with the way that the process has been going as of late, we began to believe that the adoption would not be completed before the end of 2012.  We had resolved in our minds that the adoption was still going to take a long time...and it still might.  BUT on Monday evening,  we had a conference call with Living Hope Adoption agency and the families that are in their Honduras program.  The news that they shared was very positive.  The new director of IHNFA has been restructuring the organization and the "assignment committee" has been meeting multiple times per week to get caught up.  They have 45 children that have been approved through their system for adoption and they have been reviewing all of the dossiers that have already been submitted.  As the conversation, we found out that all of the dossiers that Living Hope had sent down have been reviewed...when we heard this news, we had to stop and before we could ask for clarification, someone else asked for confirmation that all of the dossiers had been reviewed...and this is true.  So our dossier has been reviewed and we may have some more documentation to complete before we are finally approved, but that approval does not seem so far off now.  After we are approved, we wait until we are matched with a child.  We would receive our referral, and the process begins to finalize the adoption.  Everyone is being careful not to give a timeline, but the impression we received was that the adoption could be finalized sooner rather than later.  We know that the timing of all of this is in the Lord's hands, and so whether it is sooner or later, we will wait patiently on His perfect timing!

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  1. Great news! Thanks for sharing. Gives us all hope!