Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Off to Harrisburg

Well, we finally found out what Honduras wants with our medical records.  Official lab results.  I think the receptionist at the doctors office thought I was a little crazy-ok, so adoption seems to do that sometimes.  When I called and asked her what I needed to do to get these she said they would make the copies and I could pick them up in the afternoon!!!!  Can you see me  jumping up and down!?!  I told her she made my day and her response..."I am glad I could make someones day".

Well, this finds me heading out to Harrisburg 1 week later than I hoped, with our new character references and our lab results to be Apostilled (getting our official seal). A good friend who has walked this journey before so knows where she is going is going with me as well as Alexa (after finding herself with a concussion from being hit in the head by a locker last week-so she is on total brain rest!  She is going crazy doing nothing.  As she said..."this isn't what God made our brains to do"). 

Once again God is making it clear that there is nothing I can do to move this along, it is all in His timing.  As our paper work will be hopefully traveling down to Honduras by next week, it will be the Easter Holiday (which everyone in Honduras will probably be on vacation so it will be sitting again).  Our prayer from the beginning has been that He would make himself evident in all of this and that we would see that it has been nothing that we have done but all through Him!  We know that God has His hand of protection on our little one and He is preparing her to have her world rocked and be joined to this family who is going to smother her with so much love to make up for this lost time that we have had with her!

The journey continues  :) !

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