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(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good News!

We just found out some good news!  Living Hope has been listed on the US Embassy's site that they are now reinstated.  This is not really new news for us (we already knew this from our agency) but it is now official for all to see.  We also saw news through a newspaper that the director of IHNFA is requesting that the committee that meets, would meet on a regular basis.  What wonderful news.  It continues to amaze me (even though it shouldn't by now) that when I seem to be at a low point(which was yesterday), God continues to show me when I need it "remember I (God) am in control of it all"!  In my head I had thoughts running this ever going to happen...will it be this year, next or 3 years from now that we can finally hold our little one...did God just want to see if we were willing.  God, I do trust in you for all of this journey and am thankful for this time of growth in my life and know that I am becoming a stronger person in you".  I look forward to the day that we can hold our little one, I put my whole trust in you! 

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