Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please Pray!

A little update.  Samuel, the founder of our agency has been in Honduras for this week with various meetings.  I just saw on another families blog that the assignment committee is supposed to meet on Friday and I know Samuel has a meeting on Friday. 

Through communication with a few other families that have dossiers in country we ask that you join us in prayer this Friday as this could be a very important meeting for some families.  We pray that the meetings would happen, that they would be productive and children would be matched to families.  It has been along wait for many families-some even longer than ours.

Please also pray for all these children's lives that this will affect since it will bea very difficult time for them.  As we all will rejoice at the matching of children to families and uniting they will be going through a time of mourning as they leave the only life that they have ever known.  As excited as I am about this to happen, my heart breaks to know the pain that they will go through until they understand what is happening. 

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