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Friday, February 3, 2012

Breathing a Little Easier

Well, for a week that started out a bit rough it is ending a little easier.  We are breathing a bit easier as well -except for during the vigorous walks I took this week!  We received news that our agency being barred is a temporary thing.  With the change of leaders in IHNFA, Living Hope had to get new documentation saying that they are a legit agency.  We received word that that paperwork is now in Honduras and was personally handed over by our attorney.  As difficult as it was for a brief time, I look at it as God using this time to draw me (us) closer to Him. We hope that all of this will be able to be finalized so that when IHNFA is ready to start approving dossiers we will be in that pile and hopefully receiving our referral as well (that still may be quite a ways off though). 

I was encouraged on Wednesday night on GMC ( I had dvr'ed it from Tuesday night) the show "The song that changed my life". The song that they were featuring was from Steven Curtis Chapman's "When Love Takes You In" and the family was sharing that they had started their journey to adopt from China.  Four years later they received their referral of a 14 month old little girl.  The statement that really hit me was what the wife said, "She wasn't even born for most of the time we were waiting". I continue to trust that God led us to Honduras with such a passion that he has a goal for us to bring home our little girl and trust in His perfect timing.

I continue to thank God for the love He has given our family for you little one.  We continue to pray that God is bring people in to care for you and show you love as well as prepare you for the day we meet.

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