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Friday, February 24, 2012

On The Road Again

A few weeks ago, I posted that our situation felt like we were stuck in traffic and no one was moving.  We had no idea of how much longer it would be until the traffic started moving again.  Then, we learned that at the beginning of this year, a new director of IHNFA was appointed, so we thought that the traffic would start to move again.  We heard rumors that things were beginning to happen, but then we were pulled over to the side of the road.  The US Embassy in Tegucigalpa posted that two agencies were no longer certified to complete adoptions in Honduras.  Living Hope was one of those agencies.  All the sudden, we found our selves on the side of the road wondering if and when we could start moving again.  Our agency quickly began to work with IHNFA to resolve the issues, and we were told that everything would work out.  So we sat on the side of the road with nothing to do, but pray and wait.  We heard bits and pieces of news, and our agency reassured us that eventually things would be worked out.  Some counseled us to leave our agency and hire a new agency.  Some told us that they didn't think Honduras would ever change their position.  At the same time another couple sitting along the side of the road with us reminded us that we serve a faithful God and we should patiently trust our agency through this trial.  So we sat and prayed and waited.  Yesterday, we received word that our agency has received the renewed certification from Honduras, so we are now back on the road again.  We have not started moving yet, but we have heard rumors that others on the road ahead of us have received their referrals.  That means that the traffic way up the road has begun to move, so Lord willing it will not be long before we see progress on our journey.  Thank you for your prayers!

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  1. Yay! Simi was here the day that the certification was renewed. She was so relieved and appreciative. Seems that Samuel really went to bat. That man has more air miles than any one I know :) Sure and steady, hold the course. Our first adoption was full of crazy ups and downs and glitches... But GOD. BUT GOD! Praying for you!