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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time flying by

Wow, the week has come and gone and I have done a really bad job keeping up with this blog of thankful thoughts.  Not that I haven't had time to reflect but time to journal.  Andy was able to get away this week to work on his doctoral paper and so things around here were a bit more busy and crazy.  This brings me to

#14 I am thankful to have my husband to walk this journey of life with me.  He is such a wonderful husband and father.  He loves me and our girls and is committed to being a part of our daughters lives and he has a wonderful relationship with them!

Andy returned home on Thursday evening and had a wonderful time of retreat away and got a lot of work done.  Finishing chapter 5 ( he only has 6 chapters total and he has his thoughts pulled together for the most part with chapter 6 so now he will just have to write it).  This brings me to thankful #15 & #16.

#15 Thankful for people willing to share their 2nd home so that Andy can get away, refresh and work on his paper.

#16 Thankful that Andy is on track for getting his paper finished before the end of the year.  This process really wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.

Well, Friday brought us to Ariana's first day of official high school swim practice and the start of many hours at the pool, a place that she loves.  Both girls will be on totally different schedules until Feb/March so we will really be savoring every moment we have as a family.

This brings me to #17 I am thankful that both Ariana & Alexa enjoy spending time with us and thankful for the time that we have together!

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