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(A Journey of Love)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Few More Rounds of Tears

The day began very early in the morning as we checked out of our hotel and picked up one of our lawyers for the journey to San Pedro Sula.  After a few hours on the road, we arrived at the DINAF office in San Pedro Sula and waited for the person that would be leading us to the children's home, and a permission document was to be signed.  Shortly thereafter, a van pulls up out front and a couple steps out.  Alicia recognized the woman as the woman who runs the children's home. We introduced ourselves, and Alia went right to Maria - the woman she has known as "Mami" for most of her life.  Ashton was quiet and a bit reserved in his behavior.  We think he was processing the fact that he was going back to the home and we would be leaving.  After they signed a document for us to go to the home to return the children, we got on the road.  Along the way, we stopped at a gas station/convenience store and met up with some missionary women that go out to the children's home regularly.  One of them was a great contact before we left for Honduras.  She has known the children for over three years.  At the home, we saw the love that this couple and the few other adults at the home for the children.  There are over 30 children at the home and it seemed that they all came to spend time with us.  We were served lunch, and they were able to load some pictures of the children from the past few years onto my phone before a bad storm knocked the power out.  Eventually, we had to say good bye.  Ashton gave us each a hug, and Alia hugged Alicia.  She has been very stingy with her hugs to me, so I didn't expect much.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and wouldn't  let go.  I said to each of them in broken Spanish, "You are my son/daughter!  I love you, very much!  We will be back for you!"  Alicia cried, I cried, Alicia cried some more...As Maria was hugging Alicia she prayed for us, as well as her husband prayed for us and the children, and we left.  We traveled about two hours back toward Tegucigalpa to meet with and stay with missionaries that are connected with our adoption agency.  We were able to talk through the remaining process and get some questions answered, though for the most part the answer is when it is time, we take the next step.  Tough counsel for a Type-A, organized person.  On the bright side, our lawyer told us that our case has already been given to a judge and is moving forward quickly.  She firmly believes that the children will be home with us before Christmas.  Please pray that this would be true.  Here are a few pictures from the Children's Home.
 Enjoying lunch upon arrival, and watching Alia's banter with her "Mami"
 It was clear that there is love and respect between Alia and this special woman in her life.
 An incredibly heavy storm rolled through and knocked out the power.  Most of the children found themselves in the main "office" to hang out with us.  This picture gives a bit of an idea how many children there are at the home.
 The boys loved crowding around to take "selfies"...though if it is a group, is it still a "selfie"?
 We had two bags of lollipops and were given permission to allow Ashton and Alia to hand them out.  They gave one to everyone.

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