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Friday, July 22, 2016

"The Dory Effect"

We had a more relaxed day today.  We were able to sleep in, then we met another family in the process of adoption for lunch and an afternoon at the pool in their hotel.  This couple met their children on missions trips and began the process of adopting two children (siblings).  Their process has taken a long time as well, but for different reasons then ours.  They have faced a number of frustrations along the way, and father described some of the process as "The Dory Effect" - named after the fish in the Pixar movie with short-term memory loss.  He said it seems that people will tell you one thing, then forget what was told, or the process changes in the middle of each step.  We are facing the Dory Effect tomorrow.  Originally, we were going to be able to take the children directly to their home in Naco, but now we have found out that we have to go to DINAF in San Pedro Sula to get permission to take them to their home.  We may only be able to take them to San Pedro Sula.  Either way, tomorrow will be a difficult day for all of us.  Since our day was spent in the pool, there weren't many pictures, but I have a few to share.  We were able to use the pool time to build some trust as the children had to trust me in the 5 foot water.  The time began with Ashton scared to put his face under the water and by the end of the day, he was jumping off the side of the pool into me and going completely under the water.  Alia faced her fear and trusted me to catch her and carry her in the deep water.

 Our day began in the shallow area
 Our two children with the two children be adopted by the other family.
 Video of Ashton jumping into my arms.  When we sent this video to our lifeguard daughters, the text back was, "No running on the pool deck"
After a lot of encouragement, Alia finally trusted me to carry her in the 5foot water.

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