Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Friday, March 10, 2017

A Day at the House

When the day began there were no specific plans, except a possible walk down into Santa Lucia.  As the day rolled along, the trip to Santa Lucia turned into plans for a drive into Valle de Angeles with one of the children from our host family...but rain was intermittent, so we stayed around the house all day.  The children played a lot inside and out.  Ashton has enjoyed riding on a bike that was here at the house.  The tires don't have a lot of air, which has made it a bit harder to ride, but he is doing great.  When we were here last July, we took the kids bike riding and I think it was their first time.  Notice, Ashton is working hard to ride the bike, while I am testing the hammock.
 We set aside about 30-45 minutes this morning for school.  Alicia worked with Alia on colors and some English words.  I worked with Ashton on some English words for parts of the body, numbers and colors, and math.  At first, they both were not happy with the idea of time for school, but in the end it was a very effective time.  My step-father, Bill, gave us an old phone that the children could use for pictures and videos.  They have really enjoyed having this phone.  Here is Alia taking a picture of the mountain view with the clouds rolling in.
 We played a great game of hide and seek, and then right before dinner we were able to set up the Wii game that was in the apartment, and played some games.

 Alicia snapped one more picture of us before we enjoyed a great dinner of pizza and friendship with the Fenns.  Another day has come to a close, and tomorrow will now be another trip into Tegucigalpa to take care of a few details with our lawyer before she applies for the children's new birth certificates.

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