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(A Journey of Love)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Praying for the North East

We have heard that our hometown is going to get pounded by a Noreaster.  We received a ton of emails and texts letting us know that school is already cancelled for tomorrow.  We are praying for all of you.  I wasn't going to post a blog tonight, but we will be flying up to the Roatan tomorrow for a week of "vacation".  We are not sure what the WiFi situation will be, so we may not be posting anything for the next week.  Also, we want to be sensitive to those in two feet of snow and not show pictures of us at the beach. Though, perhaps some beach pictures will warm you up.  We had some contractors stop by today to fix the toilet at the apartment, so the children had the opportunity to watch the work being done.  Turns out a root had worked its way into the pipe and was blogging things up.  Work finished just as our ride arrived to take us into Tegucigalpa to go to the travel agent.
 There is a lot of road construction on our trip into Tegucigalpa, and today we were coming through as they were packing up for the day.  They had to move this large piece of machinery across the road, but the metal track would tear up the road.  Notice the technique for adding rubber to the bottom of the track.  They used large tires laying on their side, and would simply run over them.  When the tire had been crossed over, they would pick it up, move it to the front, and move a little further.  All traffic was stopped to allow this process to move across the road...eventually it was done and we moved on. 

Pray for us as we go to the Roatan.  We will be flying there, and it is the first time the children have been in a plane.  Ashton is very excited to fly, Alia is excited for the beach. One of the benefits of this trip is that the flight is only an hour long, so we can introduce the children to flying before we travel to the US.  Also, we are flying to a "vacation" and then returning to a familiar "home".

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