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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Lights Went Out

The Fenn's had told us that there might be days when there would be no power...sometimes these are scheduled and you are warned, and other times...well, it's Honduras.  This morning, shortly after we woke up and got dressed, the lights went out, and didn't come back on.  Our stove is electric, so we had cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.  We spent most of the day outside playing and did our school time outside, as well.  It is interesting that on a day when the power was out, I have been realizing more and more that I have been depending on my own power in my life and ministry.  As I prepared to go on my sabbatical from the pastoral ministry at Faith BFC, my friend and fellow pastor at the church Mike Walker recommended a book taht he was reading by Paul Tripp entitled, Awe.  I started reading it the other day and have been challenged.  I am only a few chapters in, but the main point is that God created each person to be awe-inspired.  If you think about it, there is something that captures your attention and your desire.  This response is our "awe-response", and this is wired into us by God.  For me it is nature, my family, and success.  The purpose is not that we focus on this object of our awe, rather as we see this item of our passion, it should draw our attention to the Creator.  For example, as I sit on the porch here in Honduras, I can look out at the mountains...when I see God's creation, I am in awe of His power to create.  Where I was struck today is that in many ways my ministry as a pastor has felt powerless over the past few years, which is one reason I asked for a sabbatical.  As the power went out today, I was helpless to do anything about it.  There has been so much about this adoption that is completely out of my control.  My children will each face their own choices and struggles in life, and many times I am powerless to change them or their choices, I can only lead, love and struggle with them.  In ministry, I am powerless to change the lives of those in the church...BUT, I am not without power.  This is where I have fallen into a trap of stealing the awe that God deserves in all of life, and have tried to lift up myself.  God is at work in so many ways if we would only take the time to see His hand at work...Sorry for the "mini" sermon...I will give you an update on us and the kids.

Nothing happened with regard to the process of the adoption.  Please continue to pray for us to have peace with the timing of all of this.  Our desire is to be home before Easter, but we know that with each day, that gets more and more unlikely.

We had a good day today, with only two minor tantrums from Alia, and Ashton was more "trusting" of us as we handled the tantrums.  Ashton found a soda bottle tied to a rope.  First, he hung the bottle from a tree and used it as a pinata.  Then, the bottle became a sled and he pulled Alia around the yard.  Alia tried to pull Ashton...I had to help. 

This lasted until the rope came off the bottle.  Then, we fell back to good old jump rope...This is when you realize just how out of shape you really are.

The electricity came back on around 4:30, so we were able to have a hot dinner and the rest of the evening was like the rest so far.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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