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Friday, March 24, 2017

Taking Off the Training Wheels

I had some difficulty uploading pictures last night, so I apologize for the extra large pictures that were over top of the post last night.  I went back and corrected the last post.

When we were here last July, we took the children to a children's museum in Tegucigalpa that had a bicycle course for the children to ride bikes.  This was the first time that the kids had been on bikes.  They didn't know how to steer or brake.  (See our post, The First Round of Tears).  Here at the Fenn's home, there is a bike that Ashton has been using hard since we arrived.  A few days ago, one of the training wheels broke.  He has been getting very confident on the bike, so today, we removed the training wheels and he has done extremely well. 

We had a visit from our small feline friend again today.  Alia is a bit apprehensive about the cat, but Ashton went right to it.  He fed it some pretzel sticks, and the cat enjoyed the meal.

The rest of the day was a normal, difficult day along this journey with one step forward and two steps backward.  We knew we would have these days, but they are still hard to work through.

We found out today that our lawyer did not submit our registration of the adoption as early as we had hoped.  We figured it would have been registered the day after we signed, but it turns out the it was not registered until last Thursday.  This means that we are only 7 days into the 10-15 days for this to clear.  We thought we were at the end of that time.  The positive aspect of this is that if she had submitted it when we thought she should have, we would not have had the original birth certificates to get to the Roatan.  We are still hoping that we can be home before Easter.  Please pray that all of our paperwork and meetings land in the hands of the right people to keep things moving along, and that they have all of the necessary supplies.  We are thankful for all that the Lord has provided for us here, but we really want to get home and get started in a more normal routine of life with the kids.

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