Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Que Rico

There has not been anything further done today regarding the process of the adoption and finalizing things here in Honduras, and so we had another day around the house.  All in all it was a quiet day of play and hanging out.  The best moment was at dinner.  Alicia planned for hot dogs and she bought some Kraft Mac-n-Cheese.  Our older two girls love mac-n-cheese, so we figured we needed to introduce the "youngers" to this culinary creation.  The first problem is that it is pasta, and the kids do not like before we even sat down to eat, we heard how they did not like it and did not want it.  Eventually, we sat down, Ashton took a hot dog, and I put a small amount of mac-n-cheese on his plate.  He took it with a frown...then he took a bite...his face lit up, and he said loudly, "QUE RICO" other words, "WOW, THAT'S GOOD!".  He ended up eating three hot dogs and one and a half large helpings of mac-n-cheese, and he has claimed the left overs for lunch tomorrow.  Alia tried one bite, and said she did not like it.  Wait till they try Alicia's home made Mac-n-Cheese...
Alia spent most of the day playing with littlest pet shop and other assorted toys that our host family had here in the apartment.  I had showed her the bag of toys when we first arrived, and she hadn't played with it.  I had forgotten it was in the closet, but she remembered and it provided hours of entertainment.

 Ashton and I kicked the soccer ball around a bit today.  It will be fun to play around with the soccer ball at home where we have more yard to play in.
 Alia's gift on "Gotcha Day" was an Elsa doll.  The doll has been sitting next to the TV since we gave it to her, and we wondered if we just "missed" it with that gift...but today, Else was by her side all day.  In fact, when Alia had some fruit snacks in the afternoon, she tried to share them with Elsa...
 I think we maxed out the weight limit on the hammock, but it was worth it.


  1. Chocolate chip cookies, hot dogs, mac n cheese-yumm!! Their smiles are just so precious! Continuing to pray that the paperwork process would move forward. Miss you!❤

  2. Praying that the process will move forward swiftly so you may be home in time for Easter. If that is not the will of our Lord, then I will pray for patience for all of you! In God we Trust!