Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Beautiful Skies

Today began very early as my Mom and her husband, Bill drove us to the airport.  We had an uneventful flight to Miami, where we got our connecting flight to Tegucigalpa.  Alicia took a few pictures from the plane.  The picture above is of the mountains around Tegucigalpa as we were landing.  By mid-afternoon, we and all of our luggage arrived in Honduras.  We were met by David, who we met on our first trip in July, and he drove us to Santa Lucia and the home where we will be staying for the majority of our trip.  The apartment that we are staying in is in the home of friends of ours from college, Kjell and Marcy Fenn.  We have a separate entrance and there is a small yard where we can play and hang out with the kids.  Unlike the city of Tegucigalpa, where we were told not to go out walking, here we were told that we can walk down into the main part of Santa Lucia and enjoy the shops and activities there.  Sort of a hidden blessing when we first arrived was that the power was out.  It had been shut off all day.  I am sure this was a major inconvenience for most people...for us, after unpacking, it meant that we had to sit outside and rest.  Our friends invited us to join them for dinner, which was a great opportunity to catch up and laugh.  We found out tonight that the children are not being brought into Tegucigalpa until the signing on Thursday morning, so we have another full day before we get to see them again.  We are looking forward to a day together preparing for the kids, but we really wanted to see them tomorrow.

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