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Friday, March 31, 2017

Soap and Water

I wasn't going to post anything tonight, because there was no progress with the adoption, but we had a great day around the apartment, so I figured I would share some pictures.  After the kids were such a big help with cleaning yesterday, we decided to try a short "chore" list for the morning, so that the children knew what was expected and could cross off the tasks as they accomplished them.  This worked well.  We only had one expression of perceived violation of personal rights by a minor (aka: tantrum) from Ashton.  He went to his bed and pulled it all apart, throwing the sheets and pillow on the floor, which he had made that morning because it had been on his list.  After his ten minutes were over, we wrote "make your bed" on his list again...and after a few minutes of brooding, he went and remade his bed.  In the afternoon, Alicia brought out the bottles of bubbles (aka: cleverly packaged and marketed bottle of soap), and the kids enjoyed blowing and popping bubbles...

...which turned into playing with the soap on the top of the porch wall...which turned into washing the top of the Alicia brought a small bowl of water, and they washed off the soap and more...eventually, this led to a small water fight between the kids, and they had fun getting each other and themselves...and me...soaked.

We finished the night by watching the movie Tarzan on Netflix in Spanish.  It was a good day, and it has been great to see each day a small step further developing our relationship.

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