Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Network of Support

It was a good weekend, though a quiet one.  We did not travel anywhere, so most of our time was spent around the apartment.  Tomorrow begins what we hope to be a very full week of activity.  Please pray that the right people are available and in a good mood for each of the meetings and steps that need to be accomplished to finish this process and get home.  We had the opportunity over the weekend to hang out with Kjell and Marcy Fenn, our hosts, and we also video-chatted with Alicia's dad, my mom, her husband and my brother with his family, a friend from our church with her children and our two older daughters.  It got me thinking about the huge network of support that is necessary on this adoption journey.  I glanced back over the six plus years of this blog to see the number of people that have supported us financially, or have given us something that we may have needed along the way.  People that have counseled us, or simply prayed with us when it was those who are also on the adoption journey and have united with us in a special bond (please pray for our friends Dan & Rachel - while we were in Honduras, they were going to be adopting a baby, but that adoption fell through.  Our hearts are heavy for them as they grieve, and as they begin the process again)...the network of our adoption extends to all those that are caring for our daughters and our pets at home while we are my friend who is emailing updates on all things Philadelphia a friend who a few years ago when I mentioned that I would need to get a new trimmer for my goatee, showed up one day with a battery powered trimmer...We have been blessed by a great network of support, and we want to thank you! 

We took another walk down into the town of Santa Lucia for some shopping, and climbed to the pinnacle of the town.  Here are some pictures.

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