Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


We have begun working on all of the final forms that need to be completed...the 600 this and the 260 that and the 864 something or other...after a while all of the numbers begin to blend together.  Today, I spent the day at the house with the kids, while Alicia went with Marcy into Tegucigalpa.  One task was for the grocery shopping for the week, which is important, but for the adoption process that other work that she was doing was extremely important.  We submitted some of our paperwork to US immigration before leaving the states, knowing that it wasn't complete and we were told that we would submit the final documents to the US Embassy.  There has been some confusion from the various individuals involved on where we should send the final documents.  Some say our plan is correct and others say that we need to send the documents to US Immigration in the states and wait for their review, which could take a while.  Our agency has been on the phone with immigration, and it was decided that we will send electronic copies of everything, and our agency will print up copies and overnight physical documents and ask for their consideration of expediting the review.  Alicia took care of sending all of the copies today and made extra copies of everything just in case we need it for something else.  Please pray that everything is received and accepted and that they expedite the review of everything.  This may be the one thing the holds up the process through Easter or longer.  We are contacting the US Embassy again tomorrow for one last ditch effort to present our case here in Honduras.

The days at the house are good, but you can tell that the kids and adults are getting a bit stir crazy.  We needed something fresh to do, so yesterday when we were in the city, we picked up a $10 blow up pool at Walmart.  After Alicia left this morning, Ashton and I blew up the pool, and then we used (...well, I used...) a bucket to fill the pool.  Alia used a cup and Ashton used a bowl.  Most of the water sloshed out before they even reached the pool, but they tried to help.  They were in and out of the pool all day.  The day wasn't all that hot in Santa Lucia, so they got cold rather quickly.  At one point, they were laying on their backs as if to hold their breaths under water for the count of 100...there was only about an inch of water at the part of the pool where their heads were since there is a slight slope, but I guess this was an achievement for them. 

 There is also a lemon tree in the yard that has lemons the size of grapefruits.  We finally cut one open and each tasted it.  It was extremely tart.  Two sucks on my slice and I was done.  The kids made strange faces, but couldn't get enough.  We made lemonade...put it in the fridge...then forgot to pull it out with dinner.  Now we lemonade for tomorrow.

 The kids have also enjoyed various sorts of acrobatics.  This exercise began as Alia standing on my shoulders to cheer and then falling backwards.  This isn't so bad for a little girl that weighs all of 35-40 pounds.  Then, Ashton decided to give it a try.  Suffice to say, he weighs a bit more.

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